From left to right: Christian Mol, Sandra Wiegand, Koen Vincken, Miriam Schulte, Bas de Leng, Friedrich Pawelka

Germany: Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (WWU), the E-Learning Competence Center (CCEL)

Dr. med. habil. Bas de Leng: chair of the E-Learning Competence Center
MSc. Friedrich Pawelka: ‘full stack‘ developer and researcher at the E-Learning Competence Center

The Faculty of Medicine of the WWU is to a great extent an integral part of Muenster University Hospital (UKM) and has a high reputation in Germany as a pioneering faculty with regard to medical education. The Institute of Medical Education and Student Affairs (IfAS) is a unit of the Deanery and thereby a structural and integrated service department for the medical and dental education programmes. As a section of IfAS, the E-Learning Competence Center (CCEL) advises and supports the Faculty of Medicine in the strategic use of “computer enhanced learning” and the development of computer-supported teaching scenarios. In 2016 a flipped classroom course for undergraduate radiology education was developed in which individual tasks on 2D and 3D radiologic images were combined with small group discussions. To support teachers and students in the small group discussions, the CCEL built the PRISMA “learning dashboard“ (de Leng, 2020a, de Leng, 2020b), an application that captures and visualizes traces of learning activities in preparatory work.

De Leng, 2020a:
De Leng, 2020b:


The Netherlands: Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht, the Image Sciences Institute

Dr. Koen Vincken: associate professor at the Image Sciences Institute
MSc. Christian Mol: scientific programmer at the Image Sciences Institute

The Image Sciences Institute (ISI) is part of the Imaging & Oncology Division of the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU) and is one of the largest medical imaging research groups in Europe. ISI developed the assessment software program VQuest that simulates a radiologist’s workstation with 2D and 3D images in which candidates can fully manipulate the images. Since 2013 VQuest is used by the Radiological Society of the Netherlands for their two yearly Dutch Progress Test for all radiology residents in the Netherlands (Ravesloot, 2015)

Ravesloot, 2015:


Finland: Turun Yliopisto, the Centre for Research on Learning and Instruction (CerLI)

Dr. Laura Helle: adjunct professor at the Centre for Research on Learning and Instruction
Dr. Pauliina Kronqvist: adjunct professor of pathology at the Turku University Hospital

Learning and education is one of the areas of strength in research at the University of Turku (UTU) The Faculties of Education and Medicine have a long-standing, shared interest in and strong motivation to develop evidence-based solutions to overcome the challenges facing medical education. Centre for Research on Learning and Instruction (CerLI) and Centre for Lifelong Learning (CELE) are two distinguished Research Centres at the Faculty of Education. Over many years the CerLI experimented with different types of teaching/learning scenarios and ways of tapping expertise development in the domains of microscopic pathology (Helle, 2013) and radiology.

Helle, 2013: